Cross Country Travels: The Saga Part 4; The Final Legs

After returning to Ohio, I had no information on when I would be moving to Texas. Over the next week Mr. Wanderlust kept me in the loop on how everything was progressing and I was offered two subbing positions at two districts and had been in contact with a third to set up an interview.

A week, to the day, Mr. Wanderlust gives me a call and says we have a home! I couldn’t progress with the hiring process back in Ohio, and wanted to get everything going, so I packed up some things to get us through until our stuff followed us down. I took one of my best friends with me to go through our home goods to load my car. My in-laws had let us use their garage as a storage unit for the summer. They live in a small town; just to preface. While we were there, a cop parked, blocking the driveway, ran my plates and kept watching us. We just kept doing what we were doing. He eventually waved and drove off. It was funny and awkward. After all, we would be the most polite robbers ever! We were putting stuff back where it belongs.

I then drove back down to Texas. Went to my orientations and had my fingerprints done for the state of Texas. About a week after arriving I had to drive back to Ohio to supervise the packing of our home goods. They arrived last week. I started working this week as well.

Honestly, this leg of the trip was more along the lines of, “Oh, my goodness gracious. Can I be done with this driving thing?!” I drove around 6,000 miles in a month. I was done. So done. I have no desire to do long drives for a while! Sweet goodness.


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