I Slept in a Real Bed!

I missed posting on Wednesday because I was preparing for the movers to come and deliver our stuff! I cleaned and prepped the house for it to be filled with things I haven’t seen since May.

Our things arrived on Thursday. I have a table to eat meals at. I have a couch to lounge on. I kind of have a TV system, that doesn’t work (I’ve never set it up on my own and the Xbox 360 Wireless adapter is missing). Most importantly of all, I have a bed. I washed the sheets and made up the bed. Oh, I slept the best sleep I have slept in a long time. It was amazing. Today is a continuation of yesterday. I need to finish washing the items to be put away in the kitchen. Our clothes smelled weird from being in storage for so long, so all of those are being washed before being hung as well. I’m giving everything a home, by Monday. It is so nice to have our items back!

I hope you have a great weekend and get to spend some time with friends and/or family!


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