Cross Country Travels: The Saga Part 2; Texas

After my husbands graduation he went off to his next duty station for some more training. He asked me to go down on my own to get a lay of the land. At this point we didn’t know specifics on housing for the area, other than there was typically a wait list that was stupid long. He wanted me to find the school districts that I would be teaching at along with looking at a few places we had bookmarked (rentals).

I booked a hotel and began the 6 hour adventure to our, soon to be, new home.

About an hour outside of our new town in Texas I get a call from Mr. Wanderlust letting me know he has a pass for the day! Pretty big change of plans. He couldn’t leave the base so we just hung out for a few hours. We wandered, found some points on base that are good to know where they are and found the on base housing.

Base food isn’t super interesting. There tends to be a fast food joint, the cafeteria for the enlisted, and a few other depending on the base. We were just happy to spend time together so we were no where near picky about the food we had to enjoy. We spent the afternoon together. Parted ways. Which was hard, but we knew I would be back soon.

While I was in town I did find the high school for one of the districts I am subbing for this school year. I enjoy teaching with this district but they do not have the school addresses on their website and everything you Google for them takes you to the high school. So I thought I was looking at a K-12 building until I went to sub last week and was given directions to the elementary. Thankfully, after the fact, of course, the addresses are on their Facebook page. I sub for the same teacher three days this week! Super excited about that!

So, to me, the weird thing about where we live now is everything looks like a bad side of town…and some of it is, of course. But not all of it. The building styles are different than what they are in Ohio (uh..duh). The town is very friendly. The diversity is different, but nice to see compared to NW Ohio. Oh, and everything is brown. The squirrels are skinny, and birds and spiders are fluffy.

After spending time with Mr.Wanderlust and doing a little roaming around town I retired at the hotel and began the 1300 mile trek back to Ohio. I have a few interesting anecdotes on this return trip that I will talk to you about on Wednesday. Have a great Monday!


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