Where Were You?

9/11/2001. Where were you?


Me? I was in the 5th grade, heading back from art class. My teacher had the new coverage on in our classroom. We walked it. The TV being on wasn’t weird, especially when it was cold outside and we were to have indoor recess. So, initially, none of us thought much of it. Until we saw what was on the news. We saw the second plane. We saw the people jumping. I dropped my art box. I started to cry. My dad traveled a lot for work. He was in a meeting that day at the World Trade Centers. My mom picked me up. We tried for hours to try and get a hold of my dad. We couldn’t get through. We watched the news coverage, over and over and over again. My moms phone rang. It was my dad. He had missed his first flight to New York, never made it to his meeting, but had been rerouted due to the attacks. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a loved one that day. I know the pain and confusion, the not understanding that comes with worrying about locating a loved one.

This day is a day I will never forget. I am thankful to everyone that stood up and fought for our country in the days, months and years to follow. I’m grateful to my husband for his service and time away from family.

This day has left marks on so many families and individuals. So, where were you?

P.s. As a Social Studies teacher, it is very weird to me to teach my students about this day. They weren’t alive. To them, this day is no different than MLK Jr Day. It has meaning, but the meaning is truly history to them.

P.s.s. Call your family, shoot them a text, tell them, that you love them. Hug them closer if you can. Today should remind us all, that tomorrow is never a guarantee.


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