Cross Country Travels: The Saga Part 1; Oklahoma

So, I have been missing. We are all aware of that. My blog basically fell on its back with no information or forewarning. Frankly, these events came out of the blue and surprised me. Which, they really shouldn’t have.

My husband graduated from Basic Training in August. I traveled out to see him and celebrate his graduation with him. It was a lovely time together, after not seeing each other for the majority of the summer. We had two lovely days together eating food, snuggling and spending time as a family. He then left for his job training base. He requested I go down on my own to get a lay of the land. Turns out he also had a pass for the day. The total miles for the trip from our hometown in Ohio to where he is stationed was 1,300 miles. It was a good trip. And well worth it to get an additional day with him. Granted, so much could have gone wrong! I didn’t notify my bank prior that I would be traveling, and of course since I drove, I had to stop for gas frequently. Thankfully, the oil refineries were working well. I spent about $150 one way for each trip! My card didn’t get turned off! Which, because of later events, was a blessing.

After we leave an area I will give you all some recommendations for the local area. My husband attended basic training in Oklahoma. We ate at Firo’s Pizza, which was really good. They stone fire the pizza, and of course will make custom meals for you. It was good. They had gelato as well, I was too full to try some though. Another place we ate at was called Meers. Here is a picture taken by someone from ReddirtChronicles, it kind of sums up my first impressions of the place.


There has been some alterations to the photo as far as filters go, but that is basically what it looked like. There was a long wait, but we were behind the family by 30 minutes, so when we arrived, created a parking space, and got inside they were already seated. They are famous for their burgers. The menu explains how they do their burgers and why they do their burgers that way. I didn’t get a burger so I didn’t pay much mind to it. But everyone at the table did. The beef is homegrown, grass (if I remember right) feed. The burgers were huge, again here is a picture from I really need to get a camera!


Huge burgers man! I had the BBQ beef brisket, because I’m that type of lady. I love me some brisket and it is hard to come by good brisket up north, in my humble opinion. Granted, I grew up with a dad that smoked his own but you know.

So, those are the two restaurants that I remembered their name, and stood out to me.

The one thing I wish I had done, but in the end I couldn’t really find information on it so really don’t regret it. I wish I had gone to Miami, Oklahoma. My family heritage is Shawnee Indian and there is a reservation in Miami. I was hoping to find a heritage museum and visit it. My immediate family does not lay claim to our heritage, by any means, but we celebrate it. Our ancestors chose to stay in Ohio and assimilate to the ‘white mans’ ways. Or, so I have been told. There is a heritage museum in Kansas so if I ever get out that way I will stop by for sure.

Friday I will talk about the more crazy part of this saga. Going from Texas to Ohio, back to Texas and back to Ohio! Oh, good times are a rollin’.


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