Getting Settled

I hope everyone had a lovely Labor Day weekend! I spent mine working with a moving company. By working, I mean I watched them pack our belongings and load them into a truck. Our stuff is on its way to our new home in Texas. Which also meant I drove another 2,600 miles over the last week. Good times, glad that it is over for a while.

It is a new month! I have paid almost all our bills for the month. I pay student loans at the end of the month, right now, that will change once they have due dates. They will be lumped into the one day a month I make payments. I have to go to the grocery store today and get food. We were told of our move after I went to the store last week so all that I bought, fresh veggie and fruit wise, has gone rank. Thankfully, the cat sitter took most of it for me. So it didn’t go to waste.

This month is the start of lots of things for me. I’m back to blogging more regularly. I’m getting back onto the working out bandwagon and work should pick up starting next week! I have orientation at the local district that has 23 schools. Their district houses almost 15,000 students. Which to me, that is a big district. The last district I worked at had just over 4,000 students. My home district, when I attended had three high schools, and graduated 900 students a year total. I’m not sure what their enrollment numbers are though and couldn’t find any information on it oddly enough.

I am looking forward to being back. I will get some posts done tomorrow so they are ready to go for ya’ll and you aren’t waiting for me to get something typed up. I’m looking forward to getting back into this routine.


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