New Car!

2015-07-31 18.16.40

Meet my new baby. The transmission on my car went out, so I was stuck having to buy a new(er) car. This is a 2013 Ford Escape and I love it. It has navigation, a panoramic sunroof, heated seats (totally not needed for where I’m moving), and a ton more options that are just awesome, but not necessary. I got a pretty good deal on this car, which is why I went ahead and bought it. Mr. Wanderlust loves it. I love it.

We did have to finance it, but we can easily afford the payment. Ideally, the car will be paid off by next summer once my Aunts estate is settled. If not, well obviously, we keep making payments and add the debt to our debt snowball. I needed a reliable car. I’ve already put almost 4k miles on it and will very much so be there by the end of August. I couldn’t afford to buy a Point A to Point B car, since that isn’t my current driving conditions.


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