Monthly Budget Update

Time to get serious. We are half way through grace, time to stick to our budget. We also know what is going on with our life…sort of right now. Instead of doing this post, how I have in the past, I will now only be doing the budget updates at the start of the month. So, the August 2015 Budget Update will be on September 2nd.

It seems more advantageous to discuss with you what we actually spent for the month. Even more so because I rarely reference back to what was budgeted for the month. I also feel that I will benefit more from a reflection piece compared to what we planned on spending.

It would appear that we are officially living on last months income. We have, I think, two more paychecks for this month and both of those are this week. I believe I will have my last paycheck from my summer job and Mr. Wanderlust gets paid on the 1st and 15th of every month. I’m fairly confident that we are buffered to our hearts desire, but we do have wiggle room if Augusts pay is lean for Septembers expenses.

So there it is. This post was boring, sorry just a little bit of house keeping.


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