Oh Silly Husband

Well, I was going to write about how we were almost fully buffered (living off last months income)….but when Mr. Wanderlust called this week he told me he spent almost $300 on shirts and stuff for his basic training graduation. I can’t even be mad at him! It’s a one off, so I adjusted. I may be able to get us buffered by the end of this month, or most of the way.

No major complaints here. I’m still willing to pull from savings to finish it off, to get us started. I may just have to dip into his computer savings fund *wink*. No big deal. This is what happens when you have minimum communication. But, he earned buying these shirts. He bought some for himself, me and his parents.

Budget update is coming next week! That means, WE ARE ALMOST DONE WITH THIS MONTH! August I get to be reunited with my husband! So excited.


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