Work Frustrations

I’m working my old high school job. What that means is I work in a catering kitchen for a grocery chain. We provide lunch to the store and guests that visit as well as any shopper that places an order. It’s fun. We do well in sales, and have increased sales every year. Over the last three weeks our department has been cut back by 100 hours. That is 4 part time people or two full time and a part time person. No one has quit. No one has been fired. We just have to shave off 100 hours a week; which means minimal hours. I work 17 hours next week and, I’m pretty sure, 17 hours the week after. I was getting 38 hours (the most a part time member can work) until the first hour cut. Then I went down to 28 to 30 hours a week. 17 hours is a joke. But, money is money. I’m not mad at my boss, I’m mad at our store manager. By cutting hours he is trying to create a surplus of hours that he can bank on for later in the fiscal year. At the end of the fiscal year, if there are hours leftover, he gets a bonus. That bonus does trickle down to other parts of the store as well, but his is the largest. Our store is very angry with our manager since he schedules himself at least 3 days off a week; sometimes more.

I’m grateful we have a second, steady, income right now. I’m frustrated I’m not able to contribute more to our funds. I’m also frustrated because I’m not hearing back about subbing positions. I did email one place, to follow up with them. They asked if I was in Texas yet. They don’t want to move forward until I’m in the state. So, I guess I will fill out everything that I can, prior to moving, and get those applications out ASAP once I get there. A tad bothered by that. Can’t a girl plan ahead at something?


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