Oh, No!

Well, I have lost my wedding band. I take them off at the gym, and put them in my bag, in the same place every time. (By them I mean my engagement ring and wedding band). Some how my wedding band jumped ship. I’ve scoured the car; it looks pretty dang nice on the inside now that it is spotless. I have checked outside where I park my car. I have checked the gym parking lot and the gym itself, including asking the staff. Nada. Now, I didn’t put my rings back on when I left the gym, which is unusual. Nor did I put them on when I got home. I waited until I went to work the next day. So, it was a good 12 hours or so since I had lost my ring. I’m really upset about this. I wrote my husband about it. I feel stupid. I feel incompetent. I feel guilty, because we saved for that ring; and at the time what was spent on it was a lot of money. We’ve been married for seven months, going on eight. We got married in the middle of the semester, while we weren’t working more than 12 to 16 hours a week, each. We cash flowed our wedding. The $400 wedding band, plus my husbands wedding band, was hard to get. I can replace it within the month. I just feel stupid. I know it happens. I know I’m not the first person to lose their wedding band or engagement ring, but still. Emotionally it sucks.


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