Shopping for Car Insurance and Update

Talk about boring!

I am, currently, on my parents car insurance but with moving away here soon, I have to find my own. Their policy is up for renewal so I am looking to switch this week. Very last minute, but has to be done at some point, anyways. I’ve pretty much decided on a policy and company, but goodness gracious. Searching around for quotes is annoying. As with any insurance, it is a sales job, so once you get a quote your phone starts to ring off the hook with all the different companies you’ve asked for quotes from. Annoying, but I understand that they are doing their job.

Insurance is looking to be, about, $200 per six months of coverage for the car that I own. It’s a 1998 Nissan, which is partly why. I’m going to compare the coverage of the company I am looking at, with the coverage I currently have and see if it is similar. If it is, I will bite the bullet.


I got to talk to Mr. Wanderlust for 30 minutes yesterday! It was awesome! I miss him so much, but I have less than a month until I head out to see him. On that note, I have to wait until after the 20th of July to reserve the rental car. I will be 25 and, from what I understand, it will be cheaper then. I am so looking forward to seeing my husband in a month. The fact that it is only a month left is amazing to me!

Super short post today, but there you have it.


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