July Budget Preview

Alright, ready, set, go! It is July! My birthday month is here!

So, on the pictures below I have already spent money this month so you will see some categories already deducted from. I had the day off from work Thursday, so I got a lot of errands out of the way.


So, I’ve taken to the idea of Budgets are plans, not set in concrete so numbers could be different at the end of the month, and that is okay. This thought process is new to me. So, here is the plan for July.

Rent: $80. We have to pay for the carpet cleaning from our old apartment, so here we see the money budgeted for that bill.

Electric: $37.86. The amount of our electric bill. Obviously, it has to be paid.

Household Items: $15. On going monthly amount. We are in need of a new vacuum, so that is likely what this money will go towards.

Cell Phone: $110. Same old, same old here. We have Verizon. Are on my in-laws cell plan. Unlimited talk, text, 4GB data for Mr. Wanderlust and I (total is 10GB on the plan). I don’t mind the price. But we do plan on reevaluating once our contract is up.

Groceries: $150. As you can see, almost $100 of this is already gone. I went to the store and bought face wash, granola, bananas, eggs, sunscreen (for Mr. Wanderlust) and chapstick (for Mr. Wanderlust), along with a padded envelope. Then at the pet store I bought 3 months worth of flea medication for my cat. I grabbed a bite to eat at the store for $3. Then went to Kinkos to email myself a few scans. Followed by the post office where I bought a book of stamps and shipped Mr. Wanderlust a care package that he asked for. He needs more stamps as well. This is why I am trying to be flexible in my budget. $150 in food for me is totally doable. $25 dollars of what I spent today was for Mr. Wanderlust and I am more than happy to get him things and send them to him.

Personal Care: $10. This is an ongoing monthly, money holding category. I need a hair cut before I go to Mr. Wanderlusts graduation, so it will be used for that.

Fuel: $150. I need gas to go to and from work. I am going to see a friend after his surgery this month. I have a visit to the in-laws as well to discuss not buying their car. I may make a trip to go to the zoo with a friend as well. Not sure on that one at this point though.

Clothing: $151.38. I had some money leftover from my paycheck and making up the difference for my eyeglasses so I put it here and bought a couple outfits from The Limited today since they had their 50% off everything sale. I ordered two outfits, with shipping, for $129.87. Not too bad. One dress, a belt, necklace, shorts, top. I’m going to keep an eye out for some cute shoes too. But those I’ll but in store somewhere.

Prescriptions: $90.00. Again, another planning category.

Eating Out and Entertainment: $50 each. Not sure if this will get used too much. I tend to get a drink when I drive long distances but I’ve been drinking a ton of water lately. I may get lunch with my friend when I visit him, but it depends on how he is feeling at that point. If it gets used awesome, if not, awesome. Rolls over to the next month.

Student Loans- $150. The current amount we put towards our loans.

Cat Insurance- $10. Another planning category.

Birchbox- $19. $10 of this goes to Birchbox the other $9 towards Dollar Shave Club.

Misc. $203.73. Paid off the credit card! WOOP! I did put my eye glasses on my credit card, but once it posts I will pay it off. I’ve already transferred the amount from savings to checking.


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