June Budget Wrap Up

June is over and done with! Which means, approximately, one month until I get to see my husband! So excited!

The month went okay. There weren’t too many hiccups. I did overspend in Groceries, but I just accounted for it as it happened. Mr. Wanderlust asked me to mail a few things to him, so he received one care package, one bulk envelope and daily mail, plus some on occasion. Postage isn’t super cheap. At least $40 of groceries is stamps and postage for bulk mail. Oh, probably more than that….since I bought stamps for our thank you letters. Anyways, we will get into all that here in a second.

June Budget Wrap Up

Electric– Nothing astounding here. That was our bill. I paid it. Yay! It is fairly average for us.

Household Items- Again, standard. I made this category in June, and started adding $15 to it a month.

Cell Phone- We are on a family plan with Mr. Wanderlust’s family. We pay $110 a month for our portion; 4GB shared between us two, 10GB total on the plan, unlimited talk and text, and of course our phones are in that price too. I’m happy with it. We have around a year left on the contract. We will reevaluate when the time comes.

Groceries- Like I said, overspent. I’m aiming at $150 a month for just myself here. That is lunches, breakfasts, after workout drinks, postage, etc. I would really like to see this category do better next month. I’m moderately disappointed in myself, but being understanding that I included postage in this category. I didn’t really realize how much I would spend on that this month.

Personal Care- On going budget category that gets added to monthly. Not all that exciting.

Fuel- I bought gas. I had fuel points so that kept this category down! Yay!

Clothing- Nada mucho.

Prescriptions/Co-Pay- I had a doctors appointment that had a co-pay early in June. I also have one in July, but this category will be switching to all prescriptions, no co-pay in August.

Student Loans- This month I made our first loan payment!! They are in grace until November, but we are paying $150 a month to help make things easier. It isn’t the biggest dent in the world but on my own pay I could swing this payment.

Car Insurance- Since I decided to hold off on getting a new car for a bit, this category will continue to grow. I also have a more realistic idea of what a 6 month payment for insurance would be on a newer car. My current car insurance is paid by my parents and is dirt cheap. Either way, when we move I will have to obtain my own car insurance.

Birchbox- Same as last month. It is something I enjoy getting and it keeps me from wanting to but new at the drugstore makeup and stuff. The only thing I have bought since being subscribed to this is wedding makeup and foundation.

Misc. Totally not the best category but I really only use this for incidentals that don’t occur ever again. The $10,96 left over is for dental insurance. I had to pay the first month out of pocket. I’m not sure if they will deposit the check or not since it is for the wrong amount. I was told in the documentation I received to pay the ten bucks, but recently saw a post about the new price which is about a dollar more. They may take it out of my husbands pay instead. We shall see. Either way it is budgeted for.

Savings- Our new car fund is going strong! I added to our vehicle maintenance fund, AAA renewal, Eye Care, Gifts, and our car Tags fund. I do need to renew my tags in July, now that I am keeping my current car.

Overall, not a bad month. July is going to be much easier to get going since Mr. Wanderlust is now on payroll. Yay! We are a two income family again!


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