Car Saga Part 3

Well, going to do a 360 here. Mr. Wanderlust ended up, a few letters later, telling me to get whatever car I want since it is my car.

But, I’ve already decided I’m not buying a new car, yet. My Aunt’s estate is still in probate and won’t be finalized for at least another three or more months. If my other Aunt needs help paying the mortgage payments I would like to be able to help here. We don’t want the home to go into foreclosure and there are liens on the house that my Aunt took out to cover medical expenses for her first round of cancer. We also don’t know if the military will pay for me to move to Texas. We won’t know that until pretty last minute. I should be on Mr. Wanderlusts orders, due to training length. However, that may even be wrong. The Army MOS catalog online has his AIT at 18 weeks and not the 28 weeks we were told by his recruiter. Now, it is possible that his recruiter messed up and told us wrong, or the online catalog is out of date. We will find out within the next month, but either way I plan on going to Texas. So again, I would like the option to pay for my move.

I won’t do anything crazy for my move to Texas if it isn’t part of the military benefits. I will move our stuff out of his parents garage and into storage. Pull out my clothes and a few outfits for Mr. Wanderlust, and a few kitchen items. Load up my car and drive on down.

Basically, I am not comfortable, literally, draining all of our savings to buy a new/er car until we are settled in. There are expenses that come with moving, we have to buy a new vacuum since ours kicked the bucket as we were moving out of our last place, and a few kitchen things as well (cheap things like spatulas, etc). We broke our one spatula the last week we were there…making eggs. The flippy bit fell off.

I’m not 100% comfortable buying a car from his parents, that is still under loan. They have changed their mind and manipulated situations on us before, and without a title in hand at time of purchase I’m not really down. I am going to talk to them in a few weeks and will be mentioning my hesitations on using the entirety of our savings at this time and the two reasons why.

I do plan…well I don’t have much of a choice to be honest, on getting the car we have now tuned up. I’m going to take it in this week to get a safety inspection and see if they will look over my areas of concern as well and give me quotes. I plan on having the car worked on when I have a rental car the first week in August. I decided to take a rental to Mr. Wanderlusts graduation, so that the car could be worked on and it wouldn’t get additional miles packed onto it.

The other thing with keeping the car we have is, when we buy a new/er car, then we already have a second car. Which will make getting to work, for both of us, easier, along with saving for a new/er second car. Mr. Wanderlust also hasn’t been paid yet. I’m not too worried since I know he will get paid at some point, and that the back pay will be included, but I may have to dip into savings to pay to see his graduation. There is just a lot of instability at the moment and I don’t feel like it is the smartest idea to be buying a car right now.


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