The New Car Saga Part 2

Well, Mr. Wanderlust said no to my desires for a new Honda H-RV. No big deal really. I am a little upset but I do agree with him. We have plenty of debt as it is, and taking out a car loan isn’t exactly furthering us in the goals that we want for ourselves. So, we are going back to square one, which was buying his moms car. It is a 2014 Ford Focus Titanium, so nothing to shake a stick at. I do have some concerns. They still have a loan on the car, so no title, it isn’t paid off, etc. So I’m going to talk to them in mid July, and hopefully be able to go from there. I want to talk about their loan policy and what the fees are for early termination/payoff of the loan, their expectations in doing us this favor given the previous, not so great, track record we have had with ‘good deeds’ from them. We won’t be able to do the title transfer until I am back home to finish up my Aunt estate which is anywhere from the end of the year to next summer. I’m not afraid of getting a lawyer to draw up a contract after talking to his parents, if I don’t feel like I can trust them. This car we can pay for in cash. We will have some money leftover in savings as well. Which, would be good. We still have expenses for moving from our home to Texas later this year. Financially, it is a better idea.

I did tell Mr. Wanderlust that he may end up with the Focus when it comes time to buy our second car. We will see how I feel when that time comes!


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