Setting Goals

I’m sure you know how important it is to set goals. You probably know it is recommended to use SMART Goals. We have all heard the lectures and we all know the logic. However, if you are anything like me, you kind of suck at setting goals. I really do. Last night I decided I was going to go to the gym 5 days a week for the next 45 days. It is a great way for me to pass the time. I’m at the gym, easily, for an hour and a half each time I go. It is just a way for me to keep busy. I don’t really have a reason to be going other than I want to. My goal does follow the smart goal outline, it is as specific as I want it to be, it is measurable, it is, technically, attainable…as long as I’m not lazy. The gym is right by my work, I just have to walk over three doors and I’m there. It is relevant and it is time bound.

But, when it comes to finances that is where I struggle with making SMART Goals. It is something that I want Mr. Wanderlust and I to work on, together. We have these plans for our future, these dreams, things we want to do. But we need to unburden ourselves from a large chunk of student loan debt first. We want to start a family, but I want at least 50% of our student loans paid off first. Will that be the way that God has laid our future out, only time will tell. But that is my ideal. We want to retire early. If Mr. Wanderlust does 20 and out in the military, I would like to be able to retire and/or sub on my own schedule, rather than having to work to pay bills. Again, that involves getting out of debt first, and strong financial planning.

Prior to 2015 we talked about setting some financial goals for the year. We had the greatest of intentions, but guess what never happened. Yup, that conversation. We celebrated the New Year, and just carried right on with our lives. We are just your normal family. We aren’t particularly proactive and I would like to see that change.


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