June Budget Update 1.2

I got paid the other day, which is great! I love weekly paychecks. Going to miss those so much when I move.

With my last paycheck I was able to finish up all the bills for the month of June, and begin scheduling for July. Which is awesome! Mr. Wanderlust isn’t sure when his first paycheck will go through, maybe it will be June, maybe it won’t. Like I told him, I’m not banking on it coming in at all, until it does. Then I will anticipate the deposits on their proper schedule.

I am sitting down to pay a payment on a student loan today. Not much, just $150, but it is a start. I am hoping that my next batch of letters from Mr. Wanderlust has a response to the test driving cars experience or that he gets a phone call Sunday so that we could talk about it then. Again, not banking on a phone call either, until it happens.

I’ve submitted all the paperwork for the insurance claim for my Aunt’s life insurance. I still feel freaky about all of that but….I think she would be happy with how I am using it.

It looks like my next budget update post will be at the end of the month going over how June went and how July is looking. I’m pleased that I have our last electric bill as well as the ‘fines’ from when we moved out of our apartment. We were charged for the carpet cleaning. No big deal, annoying as all get out but whatever. I’ll pay it and move on with my life. The electric bill was pretty standard for us, which has me wondering if the electric is actually turned off or not, so I need to look into that. It says the statement is from 5/12 to 6/12, we moved out at the end of May. We put in the cancellation notice, it was faxed to the electric office.

Financially things are going well. I miss Mr. Wanderlust. I enjoy the letter writing and am looking forward to any phone calls we may get with each other. I’m counting down the days until his graduation! The days are going okay, a little slow sometimes, but the weeks seem to be going pretty quickly. I’m already running out of time to do the things I wanted to do this summer.


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