June Budget Update 1.1

June 1.1

Alright, I got paid this week! So, I am officially on the payroll and getting regular paychecks. The store I’m working for pays on a weekly schedule, which is awesome, but I remember how difficult it was to get used to two paychecks a month after leaving the store for college.

I updated the budget so lets just jump into it, shall we?

Rent: No change

Electric: I received the electric bill for our last month in the apartment, it was for $37.38. I wrote a check and dropped it in the mail this morning. We still have the final electric bill for about two weeks of our time in the apartment so I should be getting that this month.

Household Items: I just added this category this month, so it just started receiving a contribution. I added $15 here. No big deal really.

Cell Phone: No change. I did pay it today though, so there is zero left in that category.

Hulu: No change

Groceries: I had to adjust this. I added $20 to, hopefully, get through the rest of the month. I’m purchasing my own breakfast and lunch items. I did buy sushi one day at work for lunch, which was pricey, $10. So still working on this category. I know I don’t want to spend more than $150 a month. If needed I will add more to this category next week.

Personal Care: Fully funded! Since we did a fresh start I took our old for the future categories and multiplied their amount by 6 (current month) to get how much we needed.

Fuel: I cut this in half. It was $120 for the month and is now $60. I may have to add another $20 to finish out the month since I did a ton of driving yesterday (another blog post). I only need to fill up every other week for just commuting to and from work.

Clothing: Oh, I forgot about this category. This had some money in it but I just removed it while writing this post and put it somewhere else. I will fill this next week when I get paid.

Prescriptions/Co-Pay: I finally got this up to date. I placed $90 into this category, had a doctors appointment and had to pay a co-pay of $15, so there we are with that.

Eating Out: No change here. If I get ahead this month I will give myself some eating out cash for next month.

Entertainment: Same as the eating out category.

Student Loans: Almost there for the first payment! This is where I moved the clothing money too. I have $96.54 here and am aiming for $150 a month, for the summer, and will reevaluate once I am in Texas. I will finish off this category with my next paycheck.

Car Insurance: This was another old category that after the fresh start I am refilling to where it should be, and it now is. $60 is chilling, and continuing to grow. This category will most likely be readjusted by next paycheck as I get quotes. Again, another blog post.

Birchbox: No change. I did get my box this month and am very meh about it. Shampoo, conditioner, hair tie, eyeliner and a mascara. Not bad, but just bland.

Misc: This is a new category and will be used to account for random stuff. I had another Aspen Dental bill that came in for, frankly, goodness knows what. It was less than $25 bucks so I just paid it. I’m assuming it was from my wisdom teeth, but their bills don’t tell you much of anything. Then I started filling out dental insurance stuff that was sent to me and I have to make the first payment via check or debit, which is fine, so I put that cost into this category as well. It is one of those rolling with the punches types of categories. It shouldn’t be a lot, ever. I could have taken the Aspen out of Prescriptions/Co-Pays but chose not to.

Savings: No updates here. I haven’t put anything into savings since I started posting again. Not mad about it, need to get our other categories caught back up from our overspending last month. Once caught up I do plan on putting 10% of each paycheck, mine and Mr. Wanderlusts, into savings. 5% of each will go towards ‘investments’ which is just a savings category right now. The other 5% will go towards a new or newer car for my husband. Within savings I also have our less frequent expenses like vehicle Maintenance, AAA, Eye care, Vet bills, Vacation, Gifts, Tags/Title and of course the emergency fund. Those will continue to get their respective dollar amounts placed towards them, not including the 10% of our pays.

Well, that is about it for this post! With my next paycheck I will be starting to put money towards July. There is a small chance that Mr. Wanderlust will have his first pay go through on Monday, but I’m not expecting it. I’m thinking he will be paid more towards the end of June for his first paycheck. If it goes through Monday, awesome, if not. I’m getting our budget back on track just fine at the moment.


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