Junes Budget 1.0

Junes budget is a little different than budgets previously posted. We have done a fresh start in YNAB, meaning we have started over. We decided that when Mr. Wanderlust left for basic training that we should start over. We hadn’t been tracking spending as we were just enjoying the time we had together before he left. I’m not 100% sure if I have every category that we need to covered, but we will roll with the punches and adjust as necessary.

I am also a little short for June right now. We did overspend, but it isn’t too bad. I should be able to get caught up with my first few paychecks for the month. The goal is to be ahead by the end of summer, as well as chucking money into savings for a new car. Ideally, I will hear back from my other part-time job boss Monday. This is the market research job that I do. I haven’t worked for them in around a month to a month in a half at this point. The goal is to work 16 hours there a week, minimum, and use that pay check to cover my monthly expenses. Then use all my summer job money to put into savings as well as Mr. Wanderlusts pay, whenever that starts to come in. My summer job pays weekly, so that is nice!


Rent: Currently, I do not pay rent, I am living with my parents for the summer to save on living expenses. I do have an electric bill to pay, just waiting on it to arrive at my parents house. We forwarded our mail, so it takes a bit longer. It should be here this week.

Household Items, this category I think I’m going to make a $15 a month contribution to. It will be for decorating and stuff we would like/need for our home. I’ll add to this later.

Cell phone is always $110, boring.

Hulu, we won’t be subscribed to this again until after we move to Texas.

Groceries. I don’t know how much I need for lunches and what not, so this is a feeler amount right now, it’ll roll over each month if necessary.

Personal care; even though we started over, I wanted to still have what we would have saved for the year in this type of category. So ten bucks a month comes out to $60 for the sixth month.

Fuel is a little higher than necessary, but I’m not positive on how much gas I will need. I need gas this week with all the driving I have been doing.

Prescriptions will be added to when I get paid. It will probably just start with $15 being added here.

Eating out and Entertainment; I will give myself about 25 or so bucks to start with. I have a movie date with a friend this month to see Pitch Perfect 2, my parents want to go see The Minion Movie and Jurassic Park, so if I have the extra I will provide it if not that $25 is all I will get for this month.

Student Loans: Our loans aren’t due until November or December. We have a few due later than that. By due I mean the first payment. We are avalanching our student loans (another post). So our first loan we will be placing $150 a month towards. This is a priority and will be a requirement to reach each month, meaning next paycheck, this sucker gets filled.

Car Insurance: This is another one that I will probably put $60 in just to get it started. We have to get new car insurance at the end of the summer when I get a new car and move. I would like to have the majority of the premium for at least 6 months already set aside so I don’t tank the budget.

Birchbox: This is $10 a month, every month. I like getting it. So I will continue with this. I do need to go change my address with them though.

I do have other categories in our savings section. I’m not overly comfortable sharing that section right now. Well, at least with amounts.

We do have a New Car Savings Fund which I am happy with the amount that is there right now. We have a vehicle Maintenance fund that isn’t great but it is a start. It’s basically enough for two oil changes.

AAA is accounted for. My grandparents actually renewed my AAA for me and added my husband to the plan, for graduation. Because of this I recalculated what the cost was and have updated it to reflect.

I added an Eye Care section since I need glasses this summer (waiting to figure out Mr. Wanderlusts insurance stuff) and would like a pair of prescription sunglasses. I hate contacts.

We added the categories Vet Bills for our new kitty and Vacation/Travel as well. Nothing has been added there yet.

We have our gift section as well, we contribute $50 bucks a month to this category each month and it is used for birthdays, graduations, weddings, showers, Christmas, etc.

Tags/Title; I’m just chucking $10 a month here. I renewed my license, my parents are paying for the title transfer and new tags on my current car when it is due. They are selling the car to my sister on a contractual basis, I get the money they are just dealing with the legalities of it. The new car will have fees and what not as well. I’m just playing with it right now.

And of course our emergency fund which is just a baby so it only holds $1k.

Well there is June 1.0 budget. Once I get a paycheck I will update the budget, and you to show where we are at. Hoping to be 50% of the way in July by the end of June!


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