Where oh Where Have I Been?

Well, hello there!

I have been out for a long time. I just got wrapped up with end of school year things and preparing for graduation and everything else. Not the best excuse in the world, but it is the truth.

Currently, Mr. Wanderlust and I are packing up our home and de-cluttering as we go. We have very little left to go; just the kitchen and then the bathroom/linen closet. Friday thru Sunday we will be transporting everything to our storage facility aka my in-laws. They kindly offered and it saved us three to four hundred dollars over the summer.

Mr. Wanderlust leaves next week and will be gone for the duration of the summer. I am moving to my parents the same day that he leaves; apparently it is a really easy drive home. I will spend 120 miles on one highway. Yay?

My summer work availability starts the day after my husband leaves. I won’t have my schedule until this weekend. My part-time job that I worked through college I was lucky enough to keep through the summer, until I move out of state. We are still on hiatus so no idea when that will be come available as income.

Mr. Wanderlust and I did graduate earlier this month. It was an exceptionally bittersweet day. My uncle suddenly passed early the same morning. He developed a severe infection from his surgery and was gone in less than 24 hours of being admitted to the hospital. I was very close with this uncle, as a child, so it was a hard time. His viewing was two days later and I had my wisdom teeth taken out the same day, and then road in a car for three hours to get to his viewing. I’m so grateful I was able to attend. My aunt, his wife, looked so beautiful. I got to see his children, who I hadn’t seen since I was a little kid.

As of right now, I have the availability to ride with my husbands family to his graduation in August. That was awesome to set up!

We are still budgeting but we did do a fresh start with YNAB. It just made sense to us to stick to a more academic schedule than a calendar year schedule. Our expenses are different for this summer, but I will go over those June 1st, when I am back to blogging here at least three days a week.

I am going to be looking at templates. I’m not loving the template that I have.

Oh, and we got a cat on a whim. He is my companion and I’ve wanted a pet for a very long time. To be truthful, I’m pretty sure Mr. Wanderlust wanted the kitty more than I did. Those two are partners in crime and just too cute for their own good.

Anyways, I’m back. As just mentioned I won’t be blogging regularly until June 1st. I’m going to enjoy the time I have with my husband, before he leaves. Then get settled in at my parents for a few days.


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