Pre-Graduation Update

I am, officially, 29 days away from graduation! I am very excited by that fact!

So, next week we have the job fair that my university hosts every year for teachers. I haven’t signed up for any interviews since there aren’t any districts near where I will be moving attending. That, and I can’t consciously take a full time, year long contract, when I won’t be there the whole year. However, I did buy an outfit specifically for this event, and other interviews as well. It is supposed to arrive today, so I will wear it to my interview this weekend as well. Hoping it fits, I never know what size skirts or pants to wear, and I ordered online so I couldn’t really try anything on.

Next week, on the same day as the job fair, we also have our graduation fair. This is where we pick up our graduation tickets, caps and gowns and all that kind of stuff.

I still have to pay one of my taxes, but I should be able to print the form out at my parents house this weekend. Not to worried about that.

I passed my edTPA. I got the results last night! To be honest, I wish I had done better, but given how I did my edTPA I am fine with my score. I scored an average of 3 per rubric, which is average. I wrote my edTPA when my students were doing their science labs, so I was frequently answering questions, taking breaks between periods, etc. So, not the most conducive work environment. I just had a horrible time motivating myself to work on something that cost me $300 that has no bearing on anything. Since the state tabled the edTPA as a license requirement, and we had already paid, our university continued to require it as a graduation requirement. I knew I could pass with their minimum score. Over all, it was a good experience though. Basically, it was an assessment in seeing if you could follow directions and if you were doing what good teachers need to be doing anyways (planning, on going assessments, implementation of feedback given to students, and reflection on your lessons).

I get my last license exam score on the 24th. That has me a little nervous because it is a week before graduation. I’m sure I did fine on that, it seemed really easy, at least. I’m not really sure what happens if I don’t pass that test. I don’t know if that means I don’t graduate or what. I hope I did fine!

This weekend we are spending at my parents house. We are having a cookout with relatives on Saturday and then on Sunday just chilling with the parental units and hopefully establishing some expectations for the summer while we are there. I kind of want to get that out of the way ASAP.

Well, I need to get back to grading my students essays. I’m, finally, on the last period! Reading 175 student essays is a fun experience! I have learned how I want to implement writing into my own classroom. It takes forever to grade essays. So I want to assign one at the start of the quarter, have them graded by the end of the quarter and focus on a common issue to work on for our next essay in the following quarter. My students are struggling a lot with in-text citations. It is a skill that they have spent most of this school year working on in social studies and in language arts, but it isn’t sticking.

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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