Feeding 100 People

We decided to cater our graduation party on our own! I know, that sounds absolutely nuts, but it is so, so much cheaper. Around here catering is a pretty standard price; $9-$10 a head. That comes out to roughly $1,000. Yay, math! So far we have spent just over $80 for food. There was a sale on pork cuts that are great for BBQ pulled pork at a local bulk store. We bought 50 lbs of pork for that price, plus a bulk container of my husbands favorite BBQ sauce. His family is going to buy plates, plastic-ware, cups, nachos, pasta salad or potato salad, buns, and soda. We have a ton of powdered kool-aid we are going to use, as well. We will pick up ice the day of as well.

I’m also making roasted potatoes, corn pudding, and maybe baked beans. We did a test batch of the pork to make sure it would come out yummy. It did! I have two more 5 lb sections I need to cook off, but need to pick up another box of gallon sized baggies first.

I’m really excited to do all this! I love to cook, I find it really fun! The only down side, really, is that I have one crock-pot large enough. It can hold about 5 lbs each go, and it takes 9-10 hours to cook it. So, that is 500 hours of cook time, plus a few hours day of to get it hot to go. Warming everything is going to be the challenge. Our stove is an efficiency size. I have done a thanksgiving dinner for 30 people, cooked same day, so I think I will be able to handle all of this!


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