April Budget Update- Payday!

April 2015-2

Not a huge amount of change here…but you know what. We are closer to being done budgeting for this month…and frankly, you can’t beat that.

Rent was due on the first so that column is now zeroed out. I was able to put 57.26 towards groceries for this month as well. We spent 50.16 at the store over the weekend. Birchbox is always pulled out at the start of the month. We kept our fuel the same, since Mr. Wanderlust is on spring break and is only driving to work, which is close to our home. I was also able to finish off our phone category!! Electric was 30.97, and that check went out, so done there. I filled up our laundry category as well. We had 20 dollars worth of roll over from last month, that we took out for this weekend. Medical and clothing were filled. And I had to top off the taxes section, so that I can pay a local tax that we owe. We have three more paychecks for this month, so things are looking good. I think we will be fine after my next paycheck, or very close to fine anyways. We do need to set $80 aside for caps and gowns for graduation.

May is going to be kind of awesome! Our rent is $66! When we moved in we paid first and last months rent. We extended our lease three days so we only owe $66, for those three days. We will also be pantry eating during May, so that we don’t have to toss anything out. Going to be interesting!


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