Graduation, Moving, and Everything Else

Well, hot spit! It is officially April! That means *drum roll please*

28 Days until I am done with my internship

36 Days until I graduate


Not counting down or anything!

Now to the less exciting side of holycrapitisalmostgraduation-ness…That means, today we are going to two storage rental offices. We need some place to store our stuff for the summer. So, there is an expense there. We are putting the rest of our deposit down for our graduation party space, as well. Lastly, we are going to pick up some pork that is on sale, for graduation party food. Lots and lots of money to be spent all over the place here in the next month.

However, we have found a place for me for the summer. I am moving back to my parents house while Mr. Wanderlust is doing his military training stuff. To top that off, I am interviewing for my high school job next weekend. Graduating at the start of May, and by the end I’ll be moving back in with my parents and going back to my high school job! Oh, yeah! Logistically it is a great opportunity. Financially, it is the right decision as well. I can’t knock it at all.

I will say, I’m a little tired of counting down my life though. Counting down to graduation, Counting down to my last day at my internship. Counting down until Mr. Wanderlust leaves for training. Then counting down till I get to see him at his graduation. It just feels like I’m constantly counting down to something. Which is awesome that so much is happening in my life. I am totally burnt out on school. I’m excited for that next stage, so really, I’m okay with all the counting down, but life shouldn’t be a countdown. It should be enjoyed and exciting. I am enjoying my life. I am enjoying where I am at in life, as well. So, it isn’t all horrible angry monsters under the bed.

On a different note….the weekend before spring break is over is upon me. I’m not teaching next week. So I only have 3 weeks of my instructional time left! The teacher job fair is coming up, right before my interview back home, as well. So much going on this month. It’s probably going to zoom on by faster than I can handle.


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