Working Out

I’ve been attempting to get into shape for a while now. And by a while, I mean….months, a year, maybe two. It’s been a while.


So, as I sit on my lazy bum, catching up on my Hulu shows an ad for Daily Burn pops up. I should say, that this is not sponsored at all. The idea behind this site is that you sign up for their 30 day free trial, take a little quiz to figure out where you are at and where you want to go and it will provide you with recommendations. It’s very similar to BeachBody workouts, but they do have lower level stuff too.

I’m currently doing True Beginner. It is good, so far. I’ve only been at this for half of a week! It is an easy workout, but it gets me sweating and gets my heart rate up. I’m a little sore the next day, so it is doing something. I like this easy workout because it is letting me get acclimated to working out and I need to get to know my new body. I think I’ve mentioned that I was in a car accident a few years ago. If not here is that story now.

I went into town with a friend. On our way back to where we were staying a lady ran a stop sign and turned the wrong direction onto a rural highway. She was going twice the speed limit and hit us head on. I was a passenger. I ended up with a broken back, messed up knee, abrasions all over my face and hands, and lots of bruising. My friend was perfectly fine, minus a little pain and bruising. She went to the hospital on her own after being cleared by a paramedic. ER released her. The lady driving the other car broke her big toe. I was transferred to the nearest level 1 trauma unit in the area….two hours away. (Yay, for middle of no where!!!) From there I had emergency spinal surgery, had my knee checked out (the engine cut into my knee right at the joint) and stitched closed, had a zillion in one x-rays, CAT and MRI scans. I was then in the hospital for two weeks, had to learn to get in and out of a tub, walk to the bathroom myself, and how to get up and down stairs before I could leave. About a month later I began my 6 months of rehab. I was lucky. My spinal cord was damaged, and I was told I most likely wouldn’t walk again. But here I am. Walking everyday, and working out!

Right now I’m on spring break. So it is easy to workout. I get up at 7am, work, clean a little, pay bills, make dinner, workout. This week is easy. The hard part will be sticking with this once school starts back up on Monday.

The workouts, for the program I am doing, are all less than 30 minutes. Which is great. I can find 30 minutes 9 times out of 10. After the 30 day free trial there is a $13 a month charge. If I stop working out, then I will drop the subscription before I’m charged. Only time will tell. I have enjoyed it for the most part. Yesterday was a little rough, but I made it.

So yeah, working out. I’m your average person. I’m busy, typically have a lot going on, but working out is great for everyone and I shouldn’t be so lazy about it. But….I am. I also hate going to the gym. First of all, I have to physically go somewhere after working for 10-12 hours. I just don’t want to. I want to be in my home. I want to be comfortable. I want to enjoy my evening. Second of all, it is a campus gym. Literally, it is like the bar scene sometimes. People trying to hook up with each other, and that is just too much for me. I just want to work out…


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