April 2015 Budget Plan

Good morning! It is officially spring break!


Minus the chat speak in this picture, this was totally me on Friday!

So, in a previous post I mentioned that things in YNAB got all kinds of messed up. I, honestly, was lazy, tired, and not in the mood to try and figure the non-sense out. I ended up just restarting our budget. Because of this, there really isn’t a huge reason to do a recap of the budget from March. The data just isn’t there. This should be our last restart, since I know what I did wrong (ignored updating spending for over a week). For those of you that are now turned off of YNAB, they have a mobile app where you can update charges immediately but I never do it. Neither does Mr. Wanderlust. We haven’t become that disciplined.

I’m just going to jump right into April. April, is a little of a hot mess. We no longer have our buffer (living on last months income), because our income hasn’t been that great. We tapered off on hours to focus on our teaching, edTPA, and our last license exam. That is a lot to be focusing on all at once. I’m on spring break and working my max 28 hours Monday through Friday. Next week is Mr. Wanderlusts spring break, and he has open availability. We will know how many hours he has on Friday. He also picked up a Monday shift as well.

Due to the aforementioned, not being budgeted so far, each payday we have will be a budget update to tell you where we are at now.

We will, most likely, be skipping our savings categories this month. Not the greatest ideas but it may be a necessary evil.

So why are we doing this? We previously talked about dipping into savings to make ends meet for this month. Well, we were able to get our rent fully funded so that gave me the confidence to try the rest of the month. We also know that we have to dip into savings to pay for food at our graduation party. We didn’t want to reside ourselves to being okay with dipping into savings for April and May living expenses as well as graduation food. When you see your $7k earmarked for a new car, it is really hard to want to take it out just to make ends meet. Now, if we have to, we will. Right now, for April, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

So where do we stand?

April 2015-1

Rent, is fully funded. We have $100 towards groceries, which isn’t horrible. I can’t do a month worth of meals on that but two weeks I can for sure. Birchbox is $10 and fully funded. We have $75 to get us started with fuel for the month. We just filled up on Friday, so we have a full tank. Granted, we are having some car trouble…the bugger wouldn’t start when we went to the grocery store. Stalled out twice, started on the third try. Left it running for a bit to listen and watch it. Grandpa, a retired mechanic, thinks we need a fuel pump filter and suggested we try a fuel additive as a just in case there was water in the gas from the fuel station. We have about half of our cell phone bill set aside, and I budgeted exactly what our electric bill is. We have $20 left over for laundry, which Mr. Wanderlust is taking out tomorrow, since laundry needs done. See there, taxes we probably owe….yea….we owe more than that. I added it up, but I don’t remember the grand total. At the worst it is around $200.

We are a little short this month but we have two paychecks before all our bills are due. Pretty much every bill we have is due in the first half of the month. The rest are our spending’s

Overall, not too worried about this month. Ideally, I want to be able to start putting money towards May. May, is a very weird month for us…I’ll have to do an update post on all of that.


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