Oops, I did it again….

Oh, Brittany Spears lyrics.

I was updating our budget yesterday and realized something was off somewhere and I spent a good hour trying to figure it out. I couldn’t though. I couldn’t figure out where a whole $17.70 had disappeared too. I only have this happen when I don’t sit down on a daily basis and update our registers. Which is fine, my punishment for not being as disciplined as we, both, should be. First, we have the YNAB app on our phones. Neither of us enter our transactions in when we make purchases. Which, really isn’t the end of the world. I don’t mind doing it in the morning….but when I get busy it is hard to remember.

So, I started over. I did a fresh start, which means losing a couple months worth of data, but I’m kind of okay with it. We will survive. I will survive. It all works out. There weren’t any changes to our budget amounts, they all stayed the same. We are still going to have to pull from savings for April. Again, less than thrilled about that!

A fresh start in YNAB, basically, means all your categories stay the same, but your money is zeroed out. You have to go back through and fill in your categories after updating your individual account amounts. It isn’t too bad, especially when you follow a set budget like we do.

Yeah, I could have searched more. But last night I was so tired my eyes were watering. It was awful. But, on the plus side, we now have work available to us. We are working with the editing team to make sure the market research information makes sense and is good enough to send off to client. It’s interesting because it is so different than what I normally do. Which is awesome! I’m really bored of my job currently.


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