Working out plans for Summer

I’ve been doing some thinking.

And that is never a good idea [I kid, I kid].

Mr. Wanderlust, is leaving at the end of May. Our lease is up at about the same time. I have a job where we live right now, but I’m having a hard time finding a second job to supplement my time and to get me to 40 hours a week. I’m also having an even harder time finding a place to live, just for the summer. Job thing, I kind of have a second one lined up, but we will get there in a minute.

I talked to my mom and the grocery store I used to work at needs help, so I applied there…and my parents said I could come live at home too. It is a great opportunity. I mean, assuming our expenses were to stay like they are currently I would be able to save $3,375 over the course of three months; June, July and August. That is a ton of money! I won’t save all of that, but near $3k is pretty gosh darn accurate, which would be great to throw into the newer car fund.

So, I applied for the job back home a few days ago. My mom talked to the managers, I will follow up a week after I apply, if I haven’t heard anything. The job would also be nearly full time. It was when I used to work there in the summer, at least. I know I could easily get at least 20 to 30 hours. If I get the job, I am going to talk to my current boss and explain the situation and see if I need to put in my resignation or if I can keep doing my job, but back at my parents house.

It seems to good to be true. I know living with my parents will be rough. I don’t always get along with my dad, but it isn’t too bad. And the time I would get to spend with my parents would be invaluable with moving across the country. They are getting older, and I’m not okay with that.


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