Inconsistent Work

Where i work has a steady flow of work throughout the year. Except for this time of the year…the thing is I should I have known that what is going on would happen again this year, but I believed my boss as he told us how everything was going smoothly this year. Where I work we are a third party service. So, we have a resigning of our contact each year, that can take a while. Last year was horrid. The company we work under was going through a change in upper management, they had their new lawyers go back through the contact, it took them forever to re-sign. I think we were out of work for about two months. This year, everything is starting early as well. Last year all of this was in May, I was out of school, and working a summer job so no major effect really. This year, we are already being placed on work holds. We are able to do another job for a little while, but once that is dried up we will be waiting for the contract to be resigned. It’s always so up in the air.

This is also a really hard post to write because I cannot disclose the company or the companies we work with/for. I work in market research, so all of that stuff is locked down.

To make matters even better, when I was sick, I didn’t work for a week because all I could manage to do after doing my student teaching job for 8-9 hours was to sleep. My husband was awesome and cooked for me and him, instead of having me cook, which was a nice treat. So, next month we are pulling for savings to cover April….and I’m kind of mad about it. There are going to be some cuts where we can…which is only groceries really. Sigh. I’m a little frustrated, but really glad that we have some extra put away. Sorry, for the rambles. This is a weird post.


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