Article: Proven Tactics to Overcome Big Debts

Every now and then I will stumble across a personal finance article I like, or that catches my attention at the very least. I recently found this one Prove Tactics to Overcome Big Debts.

Good, sweet, short article that shows you a few different people, from a few walks of life, and tells you how much debt the conquered. Great. Inspirational. Yeah…kind of. My biggest pet peeves with these types of articles is they highlight a half dozen or so people and tell you how they got into debt, but no real explanation of how they got out of debt. The nice thing about this article is it gives you links to a few of the peoples blogs so you can read about their journeys. I don’t know what it is about us debt ridden people, but man do we like to blog about our screw ups! Works for you though doesn’t it, dear reader?

I just wish these types of articles would give the reader a little more insight. Getting started with following a budget, and managing your money, on paper, is super easy. But in reality it is a hard nut to crack and to stick to. It’s challenging, because we all hit bumps along the way, and we all need that support to get back up every now and again. A blog is a better place to view the long form story, of course. But, can’t these articles give us a little meat? Maybe instead of featuring 8 or 9 people all at once, we pair it down to three people a week and get a full article on their success. A little more digging into that nitty gritty that we all want to know.

Bashing aside, this article is a decent read, and it will take you to at least one blog that may be beneficial to you! Or at least give you some inspiration. I currently have three open that I am going to pop through and maybe add to my favorite blogger roll. (I will at some point make this a page on here for you guys to see which blogs I enjoy viewing).


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