Car Savings Goal

So it is no surprise that we are savings for a new car. It has been mentioned in passing, and it shows up on your budget each month. Will we have enough for the car I’m talking about here, maybe. Maybe, not. I’m not sure. Right now, obviously we don’t have enough, and it isn’t likely that we will. I’m honestly open to whatever is available when I start looking in July/August. I’m more interested in getting more bang for my buck, to be honest.

So, the car that I want is this little guy right here.


This is the 2014 Chevy Sonic LTZ. I borrowed this picture from Google Image search. I don’t really care about the color too much. Mr. Wanderlust and I really like the features that it comes from. This car is around $13-15k used. Which, really isn’t bad at all, but we only have about $7k saved right now (I know this doesn’t match our last budget from like a week ago, but we got our tax refund last week!). So we would need to double that in four months….which is hard and not likely. So we shall see. Maybe Fabio (my car) will make it through the summer and to Texas. Maybe we can find a killer deal before moving to Texas, maybe another car will show up instead. Right now, this is my savings goal. I’m just being realistic. Working as many hours as I can manage right now with my internship.

I like this car a lot. It is sexy on the inside, outside is okay. The features and aesthetics on the inside are why we like it. It is very much so a modern car, and I think it would get us through getting Mr. Wanderlust a new car in the next two years as well, and last me a good while as well. We run our cars into the ground. Current car doesn’t have a lot of mileage but is from 1998. Last time I checked it was still under 100k miles, that may not be the case because we were in the 90k’s. Anyways, we are also going to get much better at taking care of our cars as well. I had a habit of skipping over routine maintenance which after learning what that was doing to my car, oh heck no! These things are too expensive to skimp on that kind of stuff!

So yeah, that is the car I like. We shall see what I get here in a few months!


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