Tax Refund Time!

Over the weekend we got our tax refund and we sat down and updated our budget, like we always do! We were able to 77% of our tax refund into our new car fund, which brings us up to almost 7.5k! Really, really excited about that! We used part of our tax refund for spending money, probably for the rest of the semester. We each were given $100 to do what we want with. We also had our bursar bills to pay. I lost a book, not even kidding, two years ago and they decided to charge me for it this year. Which I’m okay with, I did lose the book after all. We also had our graduation fees to cover as well. We may end up having to use some of our savings (which will be sad) to cover some of April’s expenses. I’m hoping to not have to do that, but I don’t think we can work the hours needed to cover our expenses. I do plan on doing another pantry challenge for April, so I may be able to do a $27 a week grocery challenge. We shall see. I’m on a mission not to dip into savings as that savings is for a newer car and I have an idea of what I would like to buy already!

We also budgeted for our storage unit for this summer (necessary evil)…I really do need to shop around for prices on this starting soon. We also put fifty bucks towards buying and printing out graduation party invitations. Need to get on finalizing that guest list this weekend! Purchase the invitation this week and then send the file off to be printed! I’m not sure if I’m going to leave them as post cards or if I am going to put them in envelopes yet.

Everyone is always so excited to get their tax refunds, and we were no exception! However, it was rather anti-climatic for us. We knew we had a few big expenses that we needed to put money towards (we still haven’t figured out food for our graduation party. Eek…that is coming up way, way fast)! We also knew that the rest we wanted to put towards our new to us car! It’s nice how we are feeling right now, it really is. We are feeling good about our budgeting and where we are financially…we are a little mad at ourselves. We realized that we have a lot more money that we normally would have had at this point in the semester, in the past. It’s because we are being smart with our money for once. But goodness, we could have been here for the last three years instead. Man, we were dumb.


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