Budget for March 2015

Honestly, there aren’t too many changes here! Our budget is pretty stagnant from month to month. That is the life of being poor and pulling on by!

As always, we use YNAB so our budget isn’t a forecast, it is the money that we have in the bank right now, that is good to go to be spent. Money that has been assigned a job. As money for March comes in, it will be budgeted towards April. Mr. Wanderlust and I do not believe in forecasting, especially if you live on a variable income, like we do. We haven’t ran into any major speed bump that prevented us from being buffered a month in advance, but we know we can make some concessions in a few places in our budget if needed. So, here we go!

Rent: $635
Phone- $110
Electricity- $50
Fuel- $200
Groceries- $300
Laundry- $40
Medical- $10
Personal Care- $10
Birchbox- $10
Bursar Office- $197.40 (yay graduation fees)

Mr. Wanderlust spending money- $100
Mrs. Wanderlust spending money- $100

Car Replacement- This will be 20% of our paychecks for the month of March as well as most of our tax refund
Car Repairs- $15
Car Insurance- $10
Gifts- $50
Tags/License- $20
AAA Membership- $15

Storage Fees- $300
Graduation Party- $50

Debts- $55

I’m thinking this month will be a pretty smooth flowing one. I’ve been feeling the call to begin tithing, but we haven’t talked too much about that. We live on a pretty strict spending plan right now and I’m not really sure we can add to that right now or not. It is also why I haven’t broached the subject with Mr. Wanderlust yet.


2 thoughts on “Budget for March 2015

  1. Sounds like a pretty good, minimal budget. Ours is a lot more complicated thanks to health problems, home repairs and a much larger electricity bill due to owning a house (and it being in Arizona). I’m a little envious.

    By the way, my husband and I kept our anniversary date too. Ours was only partially out of sappiness. It was also because we worried we’d never be able to remember two dates. (I still have to check our leftover invitations some years. I try to do it when he’s not looking.)


    • LOL to the looking at the invitations!

      We are still in college so our budget is pretty simple….which is good. We totally wouldn’t be able to swing a more complicated intricate budget.

      Our apartment is only….probably around 500 square feet. It’s tiny, and our electric is literally only what is plugged in. Our heat is boiler heat, and included as part of our rent so we don’t see that bill. Our kitchen is a gas range, and gas is included in our rent as well. Pretty nice deal right there.

      Expenses will jump a bit when we move this summer…rentals are outrageously priced where we are being sent in the late summer/early fall. About the same sized apartment, with similar amenities are in the $800 or more a month. Bloody nuts.


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