First Loan Payment Down!

I paid our first loan payment today. We are currently starting our student loan snowball while our loans are in deferment. It wasn’t much, but it is what we are able to afford right now. We are starting with Mr. Wanderlusts Perkins loan through our university. It is for $2,000 dollars and I paid a total of $55 to it just a few minutes ago. Now, that includes the service fee so that isn’t the whole amount. I believe the amount going to the loan was $51 dollars and some change, but you know what, every little bit helps. I’m proud of us! Our loan payments don’t come due until 6 months after we graduate, which graduation is in May. I believe our first loan payment would be due in November.

I’m going to make a debt tracker for this blog page, but I have to figure out how to do that first. I want it to be off to the side as a permanent part of the page but I don’t think I have the coding skills for that to be honest. At worst I will put it in a blog post and update it every month. Not the end of the world by any means!

Have a great weekend everyone. Monday is a new month (holy banana’s Batman!) so I will be doing a recap of how we did with our budget this month and where we are in terms of our budget, for next month!


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