Frugal February Update

We have definitely been frugal this month. We may not have succeed at a no spend month, but we were totally frugal.

We are hitting up the grocery store with just over $10 left in our grocery budget. I scanned our freezer and fridge and we have just enough to push us through the rest of the week. I need to pick up a couple gallons of milk, frozen blueberries, and eggs. We have frozen stuff for lunch, a few other frozen bits to go towards dinner for the week. I have a pound of ground beef that I am turning into sloppy Joe bites (you take biscuit dough smoosh some out and place into a muffin tin and fill with cooked sloppy Joe meat and bake off in the oven). I am making the biscuit dough from scratch tomorrow, since I have everything here to do it! If we do go a little over budget, we have a decent chunk left over in our fuel category to cover. Not ideal, but it happens.

We hit so many road bumps this month. We got our bursar bills from our university which came to almost $200 for both of us, and was rather unexpected. Mr. Wanderlust got sick and prescriptions weren’t budgeted for yet, we just started the medical sinking fun last month, so we pulled from groceries to cover that ($38). My dad sent me a picture of a dentist bill I got in the mail at their house for over $300. I called the dentist to figure out what was going on, because that is way higher than I have ever, ever owed for a dentist appointment. She was supposed to call me back last week but didn’t so I’ll give them a call this week during my planning period. Our tax refund will be used to pay all this stuff off.

It’s been an interesting month in any case. But…I will say having some sinking funds in place, a budget in place, and an emergency fund (which we haven’t touched) has made all of this rather okay to roll with. It is also looking like we won’t have to dip into savings to cover the rest of our March bills. Between the paycheck Mr. Wanderlust just got, mine that is due this Friday, and what is projected to be leftover we will have just enough to cover the month. April on the other hand…not likely. So we are considering taking our tax refund, paying the aforementioned bills, and then budgeting out of April and using March and April pay checks to budget for May. We are still debating on this front. It’s all balances out to be the same to be honest.

We still haven’t figured out how we will be paying for out graduation party food. With how low the budget is looking, I’ll probably end up catering it. I still have to make invitations for that. Really need to do that this weekend. Goodness gracious ya’ll. This time is going so fast and there is always so much to be doing.


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