Ice Cream Parlor Summer Job?

I had an interview on Friday for a local ice cream parlor, and boy am I excited!!! First of all, it is a truly part time job so I won’t be killing myself working 60 plus hours a week this summer. It is just enough, on top of my current job, to keep me busy with around 40 or so hours a week. Second, I love ice cream! I mean, who doesn’t, right?

There are some down sides though and I am a bit nervous about those. She opens her shop next weekend. I’m trying to be flexible but with my year round job I need to work my hours there right now. We also only have one car. So getting to work right now could be mildly difficult. Mr. Wanderlust works a 30 minute walk away, mine would be around 45 minutes walking. If it were nicer out, sure why not, but we had negative 30 degree weather this weekend. We are trying to figure that part out right now. In the summer, Sunday evenings are her busiest times. Sundays are when Mr. Wanderlust will have call time available to him, depending on behavior of his platoon, while at training. I’m hoping to work something out, like if I get a call being able to take it.

I’m sure it will all work out. Typically, if you can communicate with people you can work things out. I know I’m going to give her availability for opening day, next Sunday. I do need my weekends right now to wrap up my edTPA for school though too. Our first due date is the 26th,and there is just no way I’m going to be able to get that done by next Friday right now. I’m aiming for the second due date, but want to have it done the first weekend of March. (Also, why I haven’t been posting much. We are starting up our state testing, trying to get 150 essays written, and preparing for my transition to my next classroom in a different grade and classroom, as well as keeping up with on campus work. Almost done, 69 days left in the classroom, 77 until I graduate. Wow…almost down to two months left. Plus we have a week for spring break.


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