Frugal February- One Week Down

So far, we have been doing okay with our Frugal February. Our focus was our grocery budget, and this month is showing me just how much we need to roll with the punches.

We have spent half of our normal grocery budget so far this month. Sounds crazy, right? It is just barely into the second week of the month and half our budget is gone. Why? Well, our grocery budget isn’t just food, it is toilet paper, cleaning supplies (household and personal), etc. This week we had to buy a new mop. Ours got stolen. Yes, you read that correctly, our mop got stolen. We set it out on our back balcony of our apartment and it just up and disappeared. So we replaced that. We ran out of toilet paper. Which on that subject, why in all things holy is toilet paper so expensive. Granted, I know we are a smidgen picky about our toilet paper, but still…it costs up $12 bucks to by toilet paper. Mr. Wanderlust picked up a cheaper variety this time around. So those two things ran us around $20 bucks. We bought groceries on the first, which included a lot of staple items and that was around $65 dollars. Husband stopped and picked me up orange juice, himself a lunch snack item, and plastic baggies on his way home from work one night (this trip included the toilet paper as well), which was around $15. This weekend we spent around $55 (all these numbers are rounded a bit and aren’t super accurate). I bought stuff to make baked potato soup, two dinners (which will get us through the week since they are designed to feed 4-6 people) and then more odds and ends for the house.

We run into this problem once every 3 months or so. We go over budget, but I’m not on a mission to not go over at all. I would love to have extra leftover, but I don’t think that will happen. Doesn’t mean I won’t try, I’ve just adjusted the goal to be closer to $100 instead of $150. What I mean is, about once every 3 months or so we need all these staple goods for the house (mops aren’t a frequent purchase at all in our house, just an FYI).

So far I have learned a few things. I have come to like stove top oatmeal. I cook it with milk, and add cinnamon and brown sugar, or a frozen fruit and some brown sugar. I need the sweetness still, to make the oats palatable. In any case, the oats go a long way and it is a decently healthy breakfast.

Instead of using leftovers to stockpile lunches (which is still awesome) we have been re-purposing our dinners to be eaten again. Sometimes this is just having tacos for the third or fourth time this week. Or trying to turn it into something else. Mr. Wanderlust has been loving the dang tacos so we have been eating those the way they are. Shoot, I still have two nights worth of tacos left as well as one night of soup left. Three nights. Need. New. Food. I’m not a leftover person, but I’m a frugal person and my frugal is winning.


2 thoughts on “Frugal February- One Week Down

  1. Love this post. I’m always looking for ways to save me money. I should try eating the oatmeal with brown sugar and cinnamon. Sounds yummy. Thank you so much for following me and i look forward to your future posts. i have so many sweepstakes and coupons to post.


    • Thank you! The oatmeal is pretty good. I also make it with blueberries, as it is one of my favorite instant oatmeal packets (blueberry and cream)! I also like the strawberry and cream, but don’t enjoy strawberries in my stove-top oatmeal apparently.

      I’m tracking my husband and my debt journey! We have six figures in debt. I like to imagine the house we could build with the amount of student loans we have between us!

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