Let it Go, Let it Go!

I am a huge grump today! I went to make our first student loan payment today and guess what?! There is a decent sized service charge. Like really, guys? Really? So, it looks like I will be paying via check in the mail. I hate service charges. I kind of understand why we have them, but they still annoy me. I’ll get over it, and when our payments are actually due on a time sensitive schedule will sign up for direct withdraw, more than likely, maybe not. I’m not sure, but I will move to online payments. I just wasn’t expecting it. Their service charge is around 6% of your payment. Plus side, I know this now, and won’t be as thrown off. Down side, probably every single lender has a service charge.

We got snowed in over the weekend, and had a snow day on Monday! Super awesome, but back to the grind tomorrow. No reason the schools should be closed tomorrow unless we have high winds again over night, which I don’t believe is part of the forecast. Really short post today ya’ll. Just keeping it simple. Friday I have a cheap dinner recipe that goes pretty far for everyone!


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