New Radiance Naturals Vitamin C Serum Review.


I was given the opportunity by Tomoson to review the New Radiance Naturals Vitamin C Serum Review. As always, all opinions are my own!

I’ve been using this, along with my new skin care products. After washing my face in the morning, I put this on, and once it has sank into my skin I then top with my moisturizer. It says that it is good for protecting your skin from UV rays. It also claims to be an anti-aging formula.

Overall, I don’t have anything bad to say about this product. I can’t really speak for the anti-aging benefits, as I’m 24 and look like a high school student. No lie, parents at schedule pick up were asking me if I was new to the district and what grade I was in. Super awkward. I have a few of their kids in my science class. I will say, that when I used this my skin did seem to be a bit brighter and not dull. Which is nice this time of the year, being gross and winter-y. The little bottle will last a while, like a good six months to a year. I’ve been using it for around a month and it looks like it has barely been touched.

The bottle is a dark glass, which I have heard is good for protecting product from light exposure. The product is dispensed via a dropper, which I think is great and sanitary. I have very acne prone skin, so that made me feel like I wasn’t risking the transfer of bacteria back and forth. I will also say that I did not feel like this irritated my acne. There is a slight scent, but it isn’t bad. It’s fairly natural smelling, to be honest.

In short; made my skin feel like it had a glow, less dull appearance, non-irritating.

I have acne prone, combo/oily skin.


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