Frugal February: No Spend Month

I want to challenge you. I want to push you. But how?!

I want you to commit to a No Spend month for February! I know, I know…you are sitting there reading this like what? You want me to spend nothing the whole month?!

No, not at all! You obviously need to pay your rent/mortgage, bills, etc. But I want you to try and be more aware of your spending. This is Mr. Wanderlust and my plan for February.

We haven’t been on a date since we got married in November so we did budget to go out to dinner and a movie for Valentines day, or some day in February based on his work schedule. I would just suggest that if you decide to do this, you figure out how to keep it on the cheap! We are going to our local movie theater which is like $6 movies! We are going out to dinner as well, we haven’t looked into this too much yet.

For our grocery budget, I am still budgeting what I always do. But, we are only buying one meal a week. Okay, breath, we aren’t starving! I have a freezer that is so stocked I can’t get anymore food into it. We will also buy breakfast items, for me it is mostly going to be oatmeal. Mr. Wanderlust is really only a cereal or smoothie guy. I am going to have to get some veggies as we are running a little low on that department! We will also be purchasing our staple items as well. Our goal is to spend $100-150 for the whole month, which is half of our monthly budget.

I am also going to be more aware of our electric usage. Our bill has been hovering around the $40 mark and I’m not really down with that life. I would like to get it down a bit more. I’m not sure why it is up so much, but will take a look at what we are doing. This won’t really reflect in February as much as March though.

Again, our budget is very bare bones. At this point, I don’t believe we will be getting any more spending money for February. I haven’t spend any of my January spending money, either has Mr. Wanderlust. We should come under budget for our fuel spending but I can’t really predict the prices on gas so I’m not positive. I’m hoping to find $200 in our budget to put towards March. That would be $200 I wouldn’t have to pull out of savings.

I want you to pick your goal and go for it. Are you aiming to cut out all miscellaneous spending? Are you looking to cut out make-up purchases, or to not spend more than $25? Are you looking to cut your grocery budget in half, or more? Can you negotiate your cell phone, cable, internet, etc bills down a little lower? Let me know your goal!

If you are interested in joining the challenge I have a Facebook group for you!


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