Smoothies, smoothies, smoothies everywhere!!

Every morning husband and I start our day off with a green smoothie. Okay, well…most days, not all days! We try our best, but sometimes we sleep in and skip the green smoothie. Why do we have green smoothies?

It is rather simple really. Husband isn’t into veggies all that much and drinks way too much soda at work. He is okay with drinking a green smoothie for breakfast, and every now and again enjoys them. I love fruit and veggies, but I’m more apt to grab a square of chocolate or another sweet that may be in the home. Lunches and dinners in our house are pretty healthy in general, so our smoothies are more of a supplement. We both like quick and easy breakfasts.

How I prepare our smoothies.

I really wish I had pictures (I may take them Friday when I make our new batch and post them up for next week).

We get everything together. I stuff 14 freezer safe baggies with spinach. I use a heaping handful. I then cut and wash any fruits or veggies and stuff them in. I make two varieties each week, mine and my husbands. (This week mine is supposed to be reminiscent of PB&J). I then squeeze out all the air, and stick into the freezer. Come the morning, we microwave them for about 30 seconds just to soften up the ingredients. I then measure out the liquid and put it in our blender and top with the smoothie bits. We have a Nutri Ninja so I just place the bottle in their, seal it up and press the intense button. I pack our lunches up over the minute or so that the thing runs.

It is fairly filling and keeps me going until lunch…most days. There are days that it doesn’t keep me full but it isn’t too bad. I tend to have something like a cheese stick or an apple in my lunch box that I can snack on between a class.


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