Getting Organized: Books

Husband and I are readers. We make frequent trips to the bookstore to replenish our stocks. We also grabbed up our books from our parents houses on our last visits. Husband brought back a few book boxes. To be honest I haven’t completed going through my stuff at my parents. I will be doing so over the summer.

On a random side note, we are fairly certain my collection of snow globes is now gone. My parents moved while I was at university and packed up what was left in my room. My dad put all the snow globes in a tote, and the totes are in the garage attic! So it’ll be interesting to see what remains!

Husband and I will be placing all our items into storage, minus what I will need where I am staying at this summer. I’m sure I have mentioned it, but we are attempting to downsize what we have as well as making sure what we have has a purpose. So we have gone through our books.

This was a bit of an endeavor. We chucked them all out in the living room, and placed the books into four categories. To keep, haven’t read, sell, and give away. The majority of our sell pile was old textbooks. I placed them up on for sale, and have made $207, which is a profit of roughly $157 after shipping and the purchase of envelopes for shipping. It is pretty painless to sell on the website, but can be a bit tedious when you don’t have a working printer and your in the middle of -20 degree weather. I also have about half a box that I will take down to my parents, at some point, to take to a place called Half Priced Books. They area basically a used bookstore, you can sell them your books for them to stock.

My husband is taking a box of books to take back to his school to give to his students. He is in a low income district so he is hoping that these students want the books for fun.

I don’t think we trashed many books to be honest. I know we had a few that were in really rough condition, but I don’t remember that pile being too large…except for the copious amounts of magazines.

2015-01-10 20.15.23

Hey look boxes. I ran out of packing tape!

My biggest suggestion to you; unless you are a book collector, is books are meant to be read, shared and enjoyed. If they are sitting on your shelf, collecting dust. Share your books with your community or younger family members.


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