New Year, New Space?

Since my husband and I got some, not so great news fairly recently, we decided we need to get a jump start on the de-cluttering of our apartment. You see, now that the holidays are wrapping up (oh puns), we are going to slowly start packing up our apartment and looking for a storage unit. Over a year it is amazing the amount of stuff we people can collect. So I’m going to challenge you to de-clutter your Christmas ‘stuff’ with me!

2015-01-01 12.28.45

I’m starting with our storage closet. It is where the Christmas decorations go. When we put up our tree, right after our wedding, I got rid of a few things so de-cluttering the Christmas stuff will be pretty painless for me. I have been banned from buying new Christmas décor until we move, so I am keeping the one set of Christmas bulbs we have, our tree, and stockings. Other than that, we have a few candle holders I’ll hold onto for another year or so.

2015-01-01 12.28.55

All of this will be boxed up with newspaper to help protect it when it gets to storage and eventually onto the semi to be moved. After I get the closet done, I will eventually move on to bedding items. That won’t happen until spring, when we switch out our bedding. Very, very shortly after that (thank you, Ohio) I’ll move on to the office, then the kitchen, back to the living room, and then with a fine toothcomb making sure I have things for my temporary housing and the rest for storage.

Anyways, back to Christmas decoration. I challenge you to find a way to organize your Christmas tree bulbs. I’ve seen these and I think they look like they would work wonders!


Personally, I keep our bulbs in the package that they came in (take picture of bulbs). It works for us, but they are cheap-o, plastic ornaments from Target.

2015-01-01 12.48.19

(A little tacky, but it gets the job done!)

I also challenge you to downsize your ornaments. Keep those that are sentimental, but if you still have your ornaments from college (like me, the cheap-o,  plastic ones) then maybe we can get rid of a few of those.

Storing your tree is always a chore of a task too. We use artificial, per our apartment lease it is required. It came in a box all perfectly bundled…but it never fits back in well. That isn’t always true though, it went in with like no problem this year!

Last year I used Gorilla tape to hold the box closed. This year, I used packing tape….apparently I learned something this year, or our tree got smaller.

The staples box holds next years Christmas cards, our candle holders, and a few sentimental decorations. Not to shabby!

 2015-01-01 12.48.43

I love Christmas, and I cannot wait to build our décor collection, but with our frequent moves I’ll have to figure out how to keep it all organized and safe.

What is your favorite holiday décor item(s)? Do you collect anything?


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